No matter the application, we have one passion: Illumination.

store Decorative

Show off product designs or streamline user experiences with illuminated decorative overlays. Our flexible design options can be used to backlight a backprinted custom overlay, a dead front overlay, an in-mold overlay commonly found on handles or raised buttons, or an etched overlay as used on metal surfaces covered with paint.

image Graphics and Logos

Draw attention to important images. Create more powerful graphics and logos for laptops, consumer electronics, appliances, automotive dashboards and exteriors, and more, with custom illumination. Our backlights and light guides provide new, high-brightness LED assemblies that allow independent control of individual zones, such as each LED’s color and intensity, including color fading, pulsing or steady state illumination.

keyboard Keyboard and Keypad

Gain the competitive advantage of smaller and sleeker keypads without sacrificing performance. Extract light precisely where you need it for the thinnest LED-based lighting for keyboard and keypad applications. Dynamic LED light guides by GLT are perfect for producing bright, uniform illumination in a thinner form without hot spots or dark areas.

dvr LCD

Reduce time to market with our superior LCD backlights for nearly any application. We mold micro-optical elements directly into a light guide and optimize to deliver more collimated light. By increasing the efficiency of the optical system, we amplify brightness, enhance uniformity and maximize efficiency. All of our LCD light guide assemblies are designed to be 100% plug and play, resulting in a complete mechanical and electrical drop-in solution.

wb_iridescent Egress and Exit Signs

Safely illuminate your emergency lighting. Our manufacturing processes create thin, highly uniform and efficient light guides, perfect for illuminating exit signs and all manners of egress. A single light guide can be used for both surface-mounted or dual-sided, suspended exit signs, and our unique light extraction features can be used to control light distribution to meet our customers’ requirements for use in emergency downlight applications.

settings_power User Interface

Improve color and uniformity control, lower part count and reduce power consumption with the thinnest possible backlight panel for your user interface application. Our LED-based edge lighting offers an ultra-thin form factor of 0.3mm or less, which allows users to touch without any loss of sensitivity. This technology is optimal for consumer electronics, handheld devices, keypads, automotive, and white goods.

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