5 Rules for Designing a Uniform LCD Backlight

Posted by on Feb 26, 2017

uniform LCD backlight

5 Rules for Designing a Uniform LCD Backlight

How can the best results be seen and experienced in terms of the creation of a uniform LCD backlight? It’s all up to the capabilities, technology and knowhow of the manufacturer. Before getting started on a project for custom LED overlays and other custom lighting solutions where uniformity is key, learn about the five rules for achieving more uniform results.

  1. Good Mechanical Design

The physical design of the system itself needs to be appropriate. The starting place for that is good mechanical design, which means that there needs to be enough room for the lightguide. Further, the area beyond the viewing area itself needs enough room for LED placement. The more room, the more light can be spread, and the less chance of bright/dim areas in front of the LEDs.  With more room it is also possible to reduce the number of LEDs required for even illumination..

  1. What Not to Do

The right design also means avoiding common traps or mistakes. That means non-optical components need to be kept outside of the area directly under the LCD viewing surface so they do not interfere with it. For instance, no adhesives, holes, recesses, or mechanical posts should be in the viewing area.

  1. Light Extraction Technology

Light extraction technology varies greatly in terms of quality and results, and this is a key determining factor in overall system quality as well as uniformity. The best systems will offer precise control for many variables, including size, shape,, population, randomization, and orientation.  

  1. The LEDs

The type of LEDs actually used in the system also makes a huge difference. The LEDs themselves must offer distribution profiles that work well with lightguides. Specifically, a wide emission angle to spread across the lightguide, with a narrow distribution angle to work within the thin lightguide material. It also increases efficiency if an LED with a reflector cup is utilized.

  1. Optical Components

High quality and precisely designed and engineered optical components will increase LCD light uniformity. This includes optical grade diffuser films, as well as reflector films. In fact, there are micro-optical elements that can and should be molded directly to the lightguide which will increase overall efficiency of the system, while also increasing brightness and enhancing uniformity.
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