Okay, But Can You Do This?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2017

GLT - Okay But Can You Do This

Okay, But Can You Do This?

At Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), we pride ourselves on the versatility of our products and solutions, and the breadth of our capabilities and services. It’s one of the many ways in which we’ve been able to become a worldwide leader over the course of the past almost 20 years.

With that said, we aren’t always the perfect match for every potential client, and we take pride in aligning ourselves with projects that we’re best suited to achieve successfully. Like with any project, it’s important to take a few moments to consider whether or not each piece will be a good fit for your needs.

One way to begin evaluating whether we’re a good fit for you is answering the following questions. This will give us a clear sense of what you need, the size and scope of your project, and how we may be able to complete it for you; and it will also help you hash out all the details as well to see if we’ll be the right choice.

Project Logistics

GLT offers more than 1.75 million square feet of production space and can accommodate large scale projects at low costs. We also have 70 engineers on our team, along with production facilities across the world. From person-to-person support, to custom applications and more, we can handle most needs for project completion dates, cost, and scale.

  • What are the expected project volumes?
  • What is your cost target?
  • What is your production schedule—when do you need parts?

Product Details

GLT provides a wide range of different products that may end up being a good choice for your custom lightguide project. We also have an extensive overall array of capabilities. We’re a technology-based company, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with high-end custom lightguide solutions to meet their diverse needs and expectations.

Here are a few questions to think about in terms of the specifics of your product:

  • What room do you have available outside of the illuminated area to place light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and allow for light spread?
  • How thick of a lightguide can you accommodate?
  • What power is available for the LEDs?
  • What color light would you want?
  • Would you need us to supply lightguide only, or would you like a full solution to be delivered, including LEDs?

Of course, before beginning any project, feel free to browse our website to learn more about our products, services, and overall capabilities.

To take the next step, contact us here or call us at 866-922-4584, and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information or to answer any lingering questions or concerns.

We bet you have a bright idea.

Let’s see how GLT can help make it a reality.

For even more information about GLT, view our company presentation at the link below.