Confocal Microscope

Posted by on Dec 29, 2021

  • GLT US Engineering team expands capabilities with new Confocal Microscope

    • This microscope has a vast amount of capabilities. Some of the most relevant features are as follows:
      • Magnification ability of up to 50 times
      • Intuitive user-friendly interface that takes the complexity out of magnification or measuring
      • Focus-View function that allows the display to show exactly where to properly focus the microscope.
      • Automatic measurement teaching, meaning repeated measurements can be performed automatically on identical components.
      • Tools for easily annotating views, making easier to present data to viewers unfamiliar with what they’re viewing.
    • This microscope can provide the ability to measure miniature and microscopic dimensions with ease.
      • While it provides a great value to GLT with it’s ability to analyze micro-optical features, it will also play an important role in sample inspection. Often, when checking samples, there are dimensions so small that normal calipers cannot provide an accurate measurement. This microscope will take the uncertainty out of verifying those measurements.





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