What Should I Do If The Cost of a Custom Lightguide Solution is Too High?

Posted by on Feb 12, 2017

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How We Help You Manage Costs for Your Light Guide Project

There are many factors that affect the final price tag of a custom light guide solution. For some businesses, the initial cost comes as a surprise, as it was more than they initially anticipated or seems like it’s out of reach for their budget. It’s important to understand not only what impacts that cost, but also to look at potential ways to help make it more palatable.

Working with a partner to develop a custom light guide solution incorporates many steps, all of which impact the final cost. From original conceptualization and design, to developing your product, utilizing the right components, and manufacturing it in the volumes needed.


The types of components in your system, and its overall design, are also key factors that affect cost. For instance, a larger light guide is typically going to cost more to produce than a smaller system. The number of LEDs, construction of circuits, and other components utilized in a custom light guide affect the cost as well.


The experienced engineers on our staff, our cutting-edge machinery and technology, and our innovative solutions, all deliver a winning final product. Yet, as you can imagine, all of these positive qualities of a custom light guide solution often add more cost.

So, is there any way to adjust the cost of a custom light guide solution? There are a couple of considerations to keep in mind.

First, is there an opportunity to change any of the components or the design itself? Even small tweaks, such as a design change to reduce the number of LEDs used in a particular application, can make a favorable difference in the project’s cost. The LEDs themselves are actually the most expensive component in many systems, and therefore represent the best opportunity to adjust costs.

Beyond that, keep in mind that the larger the volume, the lower the cost per unit will be. Global Lighting Technologies is built to handle large-scale projects of all shapes and sizes, and it could be that the volumes and costs that make the most sense for you aren’t a best-fit match with our capabilities and processes.

We’re always happy to talk with you about your project and any potential questions or concerns you may have. We pride ourselves on our availability for support and assistance. Contact us here for more information, or call us at 866-922-4584 to speak with a representative about your custom light guide solution.

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