Egress Lighting and Sign Solutions: Ensuring Safe, Easy Exit and Entryways

Posted by on Jul 3, 2023

Egress Lighting and Sign Solutions: Ensuring Safe, Easy Exit and Entryways 

As an egress lighting and signage manufacturer, safe exit and movement throughout a space is your priority. Enhanced light guide technology that exceeds your expectations helps you create an even better, safer end product!  

Egress and exit sign manufacturers like you can rely on the Global Lighting Technologies experts for thin, uniform, efficient light guides that enhance the inherent benefits of egress lighting and signage. Read on for more information on how our custom light guides can enhance your egress lighting and signage. 

Exit Signs 

In egress lighting systems, exit signs indicate the location of emergency exits. Exit signs are typically equipped with illuminated letters or symbols, often in green or red, to ensure clear visibility even in low-light or smoky conditions. Some exit signs have backup battery power to keep them illuminated during power outages.  

Did you know that a single Global Lighting Technologies light guide can be used for both surface-mounted or dual-sided, suspended exit signs? Our unique light extraction features can be used to control light distribution to meet your requirements for use in emergency downlight applications. 

Emergency Lighting 

Emergency lighting systems are designed to automatically activate during a power outage or any other event that causes a loss of normal lighting. They provide sufficient illumination in exit paths, stairwells, corridors, and other critical areas to help people navigate safely to the nearest emergency exit. 

In addition to illuminating the path to safety, emergency lighting also helps emergency personnel evacuate the building and perform safety checks. Some buildings require an emergency lighting system that lasts for at least 90 minutes after a power outage. This ensures the affected individuals have enough time to evacuate safely.  

Our revolutionary light guide assemblies reduce the power requirements for illumination. This allows for systems to stay powered for longer after an electrical outage, or require smaller batteries to meet the minimum standard. 

Emergency Exit Path Lighting 

In addition to exit signs, emergency exit path lighting guides people to the best exit from a building or space. Lights installed along designated escape routes ensure clear visibility of the path during an emergency. These fixtures are often strategically positioned near floor level and can include emergency luminaires, lighted handrails, and low-level wall lighting. 

At Global Lighting Technologies, we can assist by designing custom light guides with direction emission patterns to meet your needs. 

Safety in Place: Egress Lighting Solutions 

As an egress lighting and signage manufacturer, you know egress lighting solutions are essential for safety. They provide safe exits and entryways during emergencies or low-light conditions and peace of mind to guests or customers. Lean on the experts who can craft light guide solutions in custom shapes and sizes to suit your needs! 

Our illumination experts are on hand to enhance your egress lighting with custom light guide designs. Connect with the Global Lighting Technologies team here! 

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