Global Lighting, a Design Partner for Your LED Lightguide Projects

Posted by on Aug 30, 2019

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Knowing when to utilize a design partner in a development project allows you to get the product to market quickly with superior performance.  We are not just a manufacturer, “GLT provides technology-based solutions. Our design expertise will guide you through development stages to production.” – Mark R. Pratt, Senior Vice President and General Manager

Global Lighting quickly engages our engineering team in all new projects and puts them in direct contact with our customers.  This partnership continues from concept, to design, and through to mass production.  Our designs begin with LEDs and lightguides, but many times progress to full modules including optical films, housings, PCBA/FPCA, as well as sensors and additional value add components to assist with the final assembly.  We have the capabilities to supply any range of assemblies within our six manufacturing facilities and are capable of handling the highest of volumes.

If you are looking for a partner to develop a lightguide solution, look no further than Global Lighting Technologies.

We bet you have a bright idea.

Let’s see how GLT can help make it a reality.

For even more information about GLT, view our company presentation at the link below.