Global Capabilities: Explore the Global Lighting Technologies Production Facilities

Posted by on Nov 22, 2023

Global Lighting Technologies features global manufacturing facilities like the Tongluo plant featured here.

The Advantage of a Fully Integrated US Engineering/Asian Manufacturing Business 

Once your light guide has gone through the Global Lighting Technologies design and prototype process with our U.S.-based engineers, then it’s time to manufacture. At that point, your product design transitions into one of our five Asian manufacturing facilitates for mass production. 

One of the key advantages of having a US-based engineering team that works closely with Asian manufacturing facilities is the seamless transition between design and production. This integrated approach creates a more efficient and effective process because potential issues or challenges are identified early on.  

With both teams working together from the very beginning, there is a better understanding of the product and its requirements, resulting in a smoother production process. Read on to learn more about our five production facilities. 

Facility Highlights 

The regions where our facilities are located have a long, rich history of manufacturing because over the decades, they’ve created production efficiencies and trained a highly skilled workforce. Our manufacturing facilities are also conveniently located by many of our global customers and have easy access to transportation infrastructure. Learn more about our manufacturing capabilities here. 

Zhongli, Taiwan (Corporate Headquarters) 

Our corporate headquarters in Zhongli is managed by Joe Sung, General Plant Manager, who has been with Global Lighting Technologies for over twenty years.  500 employees work at Zhongli to support this facility’s capabilities of: 

  • Support for Asia and Middle East markets 
  • Purchasing and sourcing 
  • Applications and optical engineering 
  • Thin film extruded light guide production 
  • Clean room assembly 

Shanghai, China 

In Shanghai, our factory is led by Plant Manager Barry Lin who has fourteen years of experience with our company. Here, we employ 550 team members who work on: 

  • Mold design & fabrication 
  • Injection molding 
  • Clean room assembly  

Suzhou, China 

At our Suzhou facility, 125 employees are under the direction of Deputy Plant Manager Nick Kuo who has been with Global Lighting Technologies for seventeen years. In Suzhou, our team specializes in: 

  • Injection molding 
  • Clean room assembly 

Zhongshan, China 

Our third manufacturing facility in China focuses on extruded light guide production with 100 employees in-house. Our Zhongshan plant is led by Plant Manager Barry Lin, a Global Lighting Technologies employee for fourteen years. The Zhongshan facility specializes in: 

  • Large size extruded light guide production

Tongluo, Taiwan 

100 employees in our Tongluo facility also work on extruded light guide production. There, Plant Manager Preston Yeh, who has been with us for fourteen years, leads a team that specializes in: 

  • Large size extruded light guide production

Coming Soon!

We’re building a new facility in the Ha Nam Province of Vietnam that will be ready for production in 2025.

Learn more about our light guide technology’s application and our global manufacturing capabilities. 

Light Guides Developed With Our Own Facilities in Mind 

Our team knowingly develops final assemblies for our own manufacturing facility and equipment. Because we know the processes, capabilities, equipment and work quality, the Global Lighting Technologies facilities offer: 

  • Speed: We shorten the time to production and help your final assembly go to market more quickly. 
  • Enhanced Prototyping: We prototype and test light guides knowing the exact equipment that final assemblies will be made on. 
  • Quality Control: We control the engineering and manufacturing, meaning there are fewer mistakes and obstacles in going to market.

Relationships Beyond Emails 

We’re proud of our close connections to leadership and engineers at all our facilities. Our relationships go beyond emails because we personally know the engineers because we work with them constantly! This translates into a better working experience for our team and, consequently, our customers. Additionally, there are engineers in each of our global facilities who speak English, so nothing gets lost in translation. 

Our strong relationships also save customers time, so they don’t have to establish relationships themselves. Our customers find it helpful to have a bridge between the end of the design and prototype phase and the start of manufacturing. We work closely with our manufacturing facility counterparts to ensure projects come to a smooth finish. 

Global Lighting Technologies Manufacturing Facilities: Excellence in Action 

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