How We Customize Your LED Light Guide Assemblies

Posted by on Jul 10, 2023

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Custom Solutions to Elevate Your LED Light Guide Assemblies 

LED light guide assemblies are optical systems that distribute and control the light emitted by LEDs. They are made up of a light guide and one or more LEDs as the light source.  

Their ability to be easily customized makes them a smart solution for many applications! Read on to discover the most common technologies we use at Global Lighting Technologies to modify LED light guide assemblies and the benefits you can expect. 

1. Microstructures for LED Light Guides

Microstructures include prisms, lenses or other features that shape the light and create specific lighting patterns or effects. A light guide manufacturer like Global Lighting strategically designs microstructures on the surface of the light guide to help control the direction, intensity and distribution of light. 

Microstructures are typically customized to fit your project’s requirements with a combination of machining, laser etching and diamond cutting.  

2. Optical Films

Deceptively simple, optical films, also known as light control films (LCFs), are a powerful modifier for LED light guide assemblies. Optical films are made of an advanced polymer matrix film that has a special texture, micro-grooves or patterns to manipulate light. They can be placed on the surface of light guides to manipulate the direction and intensity of light output.  

LCFs are suitable for curved surfaces, come in a variety of thicknesses and finishes and can be custom cut into different shapes. Their flexibility makes them suitable for many light guide customizations and provides: 

  • Glare control 
  • Light diffusion 
  • Brightness enhancement 

Transparent optical films are applied to a light guide’s surface to achieve specific results. Different types of optical films or LCFs like brightness enhancement films (BEFs) enhance light extraction, brightness and uniformity in your LED light guide assemblies. 

Optical films can be customized with different materials, patterns and structures to achieve unique, desired effects. They are also used together with microstructures and reflective coatings for multi-layered modifications that result in very precise and controlled light distributions! 

3. Diffusion Films

Diffusion films are another physical application to modify LED light guide assemblies. They scatter light, creating a softer, more uniform lighting effect. They also reduce hotspots and minimize glare, which results in a more visually pleasing and comfortable illumination. 

Diffusion films can reduce the amount of light spilled outside of the desired area. This saves energy and improves your illumination project’s efficiency. Additionally, diffusion films come in a variety of opacities. In this way, we add personality or branding to your design. 

4. Optical Modeling and Simulation

For more advanced modification, light guide design manufacturers often use software tools and simulations to optimize LED light guide assemblies’ design and performance. Optical modeling is key for virtual testing and analysis of different design configurations. It helps achieve desired lighting outcomes and improve efficiency, all without physically modifying a prototype.  

Optical modeling and simulation are efficient and cost-effective approaches that ensure LED light guide assemblies can be optimized to their fullest potential. They also allow manufacturers to quickly test various design iterations without spending time or resources on costly physical prototypes.  

LED Light Guide Assemblies: Modifications for Customization 

There are many ways to modify your LED light guide assemblies. Out of all the modifications covered here, the most important aspect to consider is your light guide design manufacturer.

A partner like Global Lighting Technologies can help you make smart, informed choices to enhance the efficacy, efficiency and results of your light guide design. Connect with our expert team to begin your next illumination project here! 

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