Injection Molding for Light Guides at Our Suzhou Facility

Posted by on Jan 18, 2024

Delve into Our Suzhou Facility

Light guide manufacturing requires precision and quality. With this in mind, our facility in Suzhou, China, uses injection molding for light guide manufacturing. We made this decision because it results in highly detailed, quality light guides and housings that are built to last. Brett Shriver, Vice President of Sales at Global Lighting Technologies, and Suzhou Deputy Plant Manager Nick Kuo, discuss the Suzhou facility and how custom light guides are crafted there.

1. What is Injection Molding & How Does it Create Light Guides?

A key component of the Suzhou facility’s expertise and benefits to customers lies in the injection molding process. Injection molding is a manufacturing technique that injects molten material into a mold to create intricate and precise shapes. This process is crucial in forming the polymer-based components of light guides.  

The molds used to create our custom light guides require high pressure because this allows the polymer to flow inside the mold. Thanks to high pressure, we can replicate the micro-optical extraction features used to extract light. 

Injection molding is ideal for light guides and housings that are small or medium-sized and require complex geometry or features. Light guides made using this process are constrained by size and thickness. However, the result is consistent and can be produced at scale. 

At our Suzhou facility, workers use the latest in injection molding technology and automated equipment for gate removal and finishing. 

Deputy Plant Manager Nick Kuo and his team constantly evaluate equipment for potential upgrades that will increase automation and improve efficiency.

2. Suzhou Facility Overview: A Look Inside the Plant

Beginning in 2023, our Suzhou facility has been managed by Nick Kuo, the Suzhou facility has undergone notable changes over time. 

With a focus on cohesive teamwork and a robust employee union system, the facility fosters a culture of mutual assistance and transparent communication. 

Our valued employees even participate in outdoor team activities like basketball, tug of war and jogging, which strengthens the bond among team members. Nick Kuo’s leadership emphasizes the observation of operational methods and the continuous pursuit of adjustments to enhance production efficiency. 

He also oversees the quality control process, saying, “Obtaining relevant ISO certifications ensures that production meets standards. We also monitor production data through SPC and adjust machines promptly in case of deviations.” 

Three photos grouped together. The first is a view of the works' entrance, the second is the green space between two parts of the building outside, and the third is the white-tiled reception area with the GLT logo and lots of light, all are set in Suzhou, China.

The Suzhou factory has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, QC080000 and IATF16949 certifications to meet established standards in all aspects of manufacturing and production. Indeed, employees work together toward the common goal of TQM (Total Quality Management). Its success has been based on the participation of all staff!

3. Connection Between US Engineers & Suzhou Facility Teams

At the heart of our operations and capabilities is the seamless collaboration between our US engineers and global manufacturing facilities. Direct communication channels between Global Lighting Technologies’ US engineers and the Suzhou team allow us to address manufacturing issues or a shift in customer needs quickly.  

The excellent injection molding capability of the Suzhou factory, combined with our optical design capabilities, results in a faster development cycle. Additionally, the Suzhou facility is strategically located near domestic customers within China. Its proximity to international shipping ports also contributes to efficient logistics and reduced time to market for customers. 

Injection Molding for Light Guides at GLT Suzhou 

All in all, our Suzhou facility stands as a beacon of precision and efficiency for light guide injection molding. It’s thanks to a focus on quality certifications, seamless global connectivity, innovative processes and a strategic location. We ensure the production of light guides that exceed industry standards and customer expectations.  

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