6 Helpful Resources When Building an LED Lightpipe

Posted by on Apr 25, 2017

building an LED lightpipe

LED Light Pipe Resources for a Successful Build

For anyone looking to construct their own LED lightpipe for a custom application, it’s important to have some helpful information on hand. The right resources can be the difference between a successful project and one that ends in frustration.

Here is a collection of some helpful resources for building an LED lightpipe and getting started on the right path.

  1. Fictiv/HWG Lightpipe Examples:

This is a great introductory guide for the DIY enthusiast. See pictures of real projects, learn about some of the steps and considerations along the way, and view different examples across a variety of lightpipe applications. This guide is easy to follow along with, and highly visual.

  1. Avago Technologies’ Lightguide Techniques (PDF):

This instructional guide from Avago Technologies offers a well thought out look at lightguides or lightpipes. Start from the basics with what they are, as well as why and how they work. Then, take a more in-depth look at a range of specific applications and styles, along with the details behind them.

  1. ElectronicDesign.com’s Fundamentals of LED Lightpipes:

A brief, but quality, overview of LED light pipes. Compare rigid versus flexible designs, while learning about lightpipe matching, ray tracing, lightpipe applications, and more. Includes a quick note on standard versus custom lightpipes, which is helpful to consider for the would be DIYer.

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  1. IDEO Labs Lightpipe Building Guide:

This how-to guide is informative and effective for both beginners and more experienced individuals. It walks through the entire process of designing and building a lightpipe, with a picture tutorial approach that offers a look and explanation at every step along the way.

  1. Stratasys.com’s 3D Printed LED Lightpipes:

3D printers continue to grow in prevalence and popularity, and they’re certainly favorites among DIYers for their endless range of applications and uses. This guide showcases information on 3D printing an LED lightpipe. For those who already own a 3D printer, it’s an easy way to jump into building a lightpipe from the ground up, and the price is certainly right. It should be noted, though, that printing 3D lightguides is not yet a perfected method, and the results are not guaranteed. Typically, a 3D printed lightguide will be very basic and its performance may be questionable in some cases.

  1. Wikipedia:

Informational resources on Wikipedia should sometimes be taken with a grain of salt, because there’s no check on their accuracy, and misinformation could be added at anytime. However, there are useful and educational resources that provide more background information and explanation. For example, you can learn more about the phenomenon or property of total internal reflection, which makes a lightpipe function. Similarly, in this article, there’s a helpful explanation of optical waveguides, what they are, and how they function.

Of course, beyond reading up on DIY projects and educational resources, the best bet for a high-end result for business, commercial, and industrial lightpipe applications, is to work with a proven leader in the field. For more information on Global Lighting Technologies and our LED lighting technology and capabilities, click here or call us directly at 866.922.4584.

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