Non-linear Curved Light Guides

Posted by on Dec 24, 2015

Non-linear Curved Light Guides From GLT Increase Flexibility For More Complex Light Guide Designs

GLT-368web300Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), the world leader in edge-lit, LED-based light guides, has increased their capabilities to include non-linear curved light extraction technologies, enabling the design of more complex light guides.

These non-linear light guides can be integrated into a variety of products, from overhead lighting and wall sconces to automotive interior/exterior lighting such as dome lights, passenger compartment lighting, and daytime running lights, as well as white goods and consumer electronics devices.

This new product capability was made possible by two developments within the company. The first was the development of a thin film embossing process allowing light guides to be manufactured 0.25 mm or less in thickness. These flexible parts can be used in applications requiring flexible or mechanically curved product. The second was a change to the manufacturing process of the optical extraction features embedded in the light guides, allowing GLT to create the extraction features onto curved surfaces. This allows for thicker lightguides to be injection molded while having curved emission surfaces. These developments have allowed GLT to utilize years of expertise in light guide manufacturing and implement it into form factors for different industries. The curvature of the light guides can be custom designed for various applications. Typical sizes range from 0.25 mm to 4 mm thick and can be created in sizes greater than 24” in diagonal, depending on the application. “The uses are limited only by the imagination of the designer,” said Brett Shriver, GLT’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

We bet you have a bright idea.

Let’s see how GLT can help make it a reality.

For even more information about GLT, view our company presentation at the link below.