GLT’s Ring Light Brings New Appeal and Functionality to Automotive And Other Lighting Applications

Posted by on Dec 25, 2016

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Custom Ring Lights

GLT’s Ring Light Brings New Appeal and Functionality to Lighting Applications

The new ring light from Global Lighting Technologies is a bright and uniform circle of LED illumination that lends a special look and appeal to lighting applications and more. It uses as few as one LED, can be produced in a variety of colors, and can be integrated into a wide variety of products.

GLT’s ring light can be used in a wide range of products from desk lamps to wall wash on thermostats and smoke detectors as well as product logo illumination, imparting a special look and appeal that distinguishes the products it’s used in.

The light is bright and uniform, and can be created in a continuous ring, a segmented ring, or an arc. The optical portion of the ring light contains an injection molded optical lightguide incorporating LEDs aligned on the input edge containing custom designed optical extraction features to evenly distribute the light rays around the ring.

GLT works with customers to seamlessly integrate the ring light into their custom products, providing full engineering and prototyping services. With more than 1.25 million square feet of manufacturing space in 5 facilities in Taiwan and China, GLT can build customers’ products in even the highest volumes.

Learn more about automotive interior illumination and additional applications for our ring lights by clicking here, or calling 440.922.4584 with any questions.

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