Leading Industrial Instrumentation Illumination Solutions: Customer Success Stories

Posted by on May 17, 2024

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Industrial Instrumentation Illumination Requires Precision, Control & Expertise 

In the intricate world of industrial instrumentation, where meters, measurement equipment, and controls are paramount for precision and reliability—illumination plays a critical yet often underappreciated role. Leading industrial instrumentation manufacturers choose a light guide manufacturer that understands the unique operational demands of their devices along with the expertise to precisely control light. 

Brett Shriver, our Vice President of Sales, shares insights into how Global Lighting Technologies ensures industrial instrumentation customer success through pivotal “ah ha” moments. Read on to see why original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) frequently select our team for their industrial instrumentation illumination requirements. 

Industrial Instrumentation Illumination Challenge and Solution 

Question: Can you share a specific instance where an industrial instrumentation customer approached your team with a complex illumination challenge? How did your team diagnose the root cause of the problem and how did you address it? 

Brett: A customer approached us with the desire to incorporate illumination into their device’s mounting bracket, aiming for a “wall wash” effect along the circumference. The bracket needed to be wall-mounted, with the device snapping onto it, and the light was to enhance the space behind the device. Through careful design and engineering, we developed a light guide that seamlessly integrated with both the device and the mounting bracket. This innovation allowed for light from LEDs located within the device’s back surface to be distributed evenly and uniformly across the wall, creating the desired ambiance around the product. Our solution met the customer’s needs, showcasing our team’s ability to tackle unique challenges and deliver precise, functional design solutions. 

The Power of Collaboration 

Question: Collaboration and communication are essential for successful project outcomes. Can you provide an example of an industrial instrumentation project where communication had a direct impact on project success? 

Brett: We worked with a client who needed to backlight their LCD for a wall-mounted measurement device but expressed concerns about potential costs. Our team proposed an innovative solution: eliminate an injection-molded component previously used to attach the LCD to the device. Instead, we integrated this function directly into our light guide. This adjustment not only kept the project within budget but also enabled us to illuminate the LCD at a cost comparable to the original design. The light guide incurred a slight price increase over the initial mounting component.  

Additionally, we incorporated the LEDs and drive components into an existing printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). The result was an enhanced design that didn’t drastically impact the overall cost. Our approach ensured a balance between aesthetic appeal and financial practicality, meeting the client’s needs. 

Educate and Guide Toward Brighter Solutions 

Question: What are common misconceptions industrial instrumentation device manufacturers have about illumination requirements?  

Brett: Despite the vast potential of industrial instrumentation illumination, we often encounter manufacturers who are uncertain about how to quantify their illumination needs. They have questions about the level of brightness or how to achieve it. Our collaborative and educational approach provides customers with examples and insights that demystify brightness levels and light guide specifications. This hands-on guidance helps them make informed decisions to ensure the final product truly aligns with their objectives. 

Quickly, Accurately Address Challenges 

Question: What are the primary cost-related challenges that industrial customers encounter when illuminating their devices?  

Brett: Cost sensitivity is a recurring theme among our industrial instrumentation illumination customers, especially when developing devices packed with cutting-edge features. Our success lies in our ability to innovate with resourcefulness in mind. We integrate multiple functions into a single light guide component, minimizing the total number of components needed. This reduces costs without compromising quality or functionality. 

Design with End-Use Environments in Mind 

Question: Industrial environments often present unique challenges for devices, like harsh conditions, varying light levels, and regulatory requirements. How do these impact light guide design and manufacturing? 

Brett: Industrial environments demand robustness and reliability from every component. Our light guides are designed to be housed within devices, protecting them from harsh conditions. We test and evaluate a light guide’s functionality, design, and performance in line with our prototype methodology before moving into final production. This phase of our complete proven process helps identify and address potential issues.  

Looking Ahead to Trends that Shape the Future 

Question: As technology continues to evolve, what emerging trends or advancements in industrial illumination will shape light guide design and manufacturing? How is your team preparing to leverage these trends?   

Brett: Newer human-machine interface technologies and trends, such as capacitive touch and haptics, are being adopted in industrial devices. The industry is shifting away from large panels full of switches and controls that were common in older technology. This has sparked a need for innovative lighting solutions to provide user feedback and improve device usability. Global Lighting Technologies has a long history of innovation and adaptability, thanks to our work in industries like consumer electronics, automotive, and others. We’re excited to help bring these advancements to new markets. 

Illuminate the Path Forward for Industrial Instrumentation Illumination

Industrial instrumentation devices enable precise control, measurement, and analysis, which are essential for manufacturing and other industrial environments. OEMs deserve a dedicated light guide manufacturer to ensure that their instrumentation devices meet the highest standards of functionality and design. 

Our team is ready to support you with the expertise, technology, and collaborative approach to turn industrial instrumentation illumination challenges into success stories. Connect with our team today to get started. 

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