LED Brightness: Reduce Power Without Compromising Requirements

Posted by on May 17, 2024

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Light Guide Technology Delivers the Brightness You Need While Cutting Down on Power

LED light guide technology continues to revolutionize lighting solutions by allowing for a more robust control of LED brightness. End users experience the bright, reliable light you want while reducing the system’s power needs. LED light guide technology provides many benefits, like improved reliability, reduced spacing and size constraints, and lower power consumption.

Here are four innovative ways you can reduce power without sacrificing LED brightness.

1. LED Efficiency

LED efficiency is one way our team helps customers do more with less. Choosing more efficient LEDs can make a world of difference for your application. A high-efficiency LED may seem like an expensive option, but remember that it’s not just about the cost of the LED—what you should consider is the cost per Lumen of output.

A Lumen is the standard unit used to measure the amount of light produced by an LED. The cost per Lumen is the cost per unit of illumination. For instance, if an LED with a higher cost produces 75% more light than a cheaper, 50% less efficient LED, it is more economical to use the pricier LED.

High-efficiency LEDs are usually more expensive than their traditional counterparts. The reason behind the higher cost is the added material required to manage the extra heat generated by high-power LEDs, which are commonly used in general lighting and signs. Additionally, the cost of producing white LEDs is relatively high compared to other colors as they are created by adding phosphor to a blue LED, which increases the overall cost.

High-efficiency LEDs also reduce your power needs. LED light guide technology enables light designers to do more with less and create efficient LED lighting systems.

2. Light Guide Extraction Efficiency

Our cutting-edge light guide technology provides higher efficiency and improved light extraction, which helps to achieve the goal of reducing power consumption. When more light is extracted and directed toward the user’s intended area, it results in better efficiency and lower power usage. This saves energy and reduces costs associated with running the lighting system. Our technology, such as specular lenses and optical features, minimizes light loss caused by etched or printed extraction patterns. This leads to an overall increase in the efficiency of the light guide.

Extraction efficiency is determined by controlling and reflecting light only in the direction and area the customer desires. If the extraction technology fails to control the direction of light reflection or refraction, it leads to higher losses.

3. Light Guide Material Efficiency

Light absorbed by the light guide material is lost from the display. This isn’t ideal because you want as much light to be retained as possible. This is why we suggest you switch to a material with a higher transmissivity to improve efficiency and aid in retaining more light.

4. LED Driver Circuit

A highly efficient LED driver circuit helps prevent power loss and improves the result. This is often overlooked, as many engineers design circuits that use resistors to reduce voltage and match current to the LEDs. You can prevent those power losses from occurring by using custom-designed LED driver chips and circuits with improved efficiency in your lighting systems. 

The driver circuit is an essential component that converts the available electricity in a device into usable power for LEDs. For instance, it can convert the 110-volt alternating current supplied by a wall outlet in your house to the 3V direct current required by an LED. Our engineers and illumination experts can assist customers in identifying the necessary details to source or design an appropriate driver circuit.

Custom Light Guide Technology

The job of a light guide is to take the light from the LED and spread it uniformly over the surface being illuminated. With the right design and technology, a custom light guide can conserve most of the initial LED efficiency while significantly increasing the uniformity of the display, offering the best of both worlds.

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