Learn How to Create Uniform LED Lighting

Posted by on Nov 19, 2022

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5 Secrets to Level Up Light Guide Design & Uniformity

Uniform LED lighting is essential for any display that needs to show consistent light output over its entire surface. Whether it’s a small keypad or a large video wall, users should be able to see the same level of brightness and color no matter where they look.

This can be a challenge, especially with larger displays, but light guide technology can help achieve uniformity throughout the display. Check out our top five secrets for achieving uniform LED illumination.

LED Selection

To create uniform LED lighting, it is important to select LEDs that emit light over a wide angle. This will ensure that the light spreads evenly and creates a uniform appearance. One way to achieve this is to use the right light guide technology and work with an illumination partner who can help you select the right LEDs for your project.

Secondary Lenses 

Another way to create uniform LED lighting is to use secondary lenses. These lenses are placed over the LEDs to change the way that light is emitted. When done correctly, this results in a more uniform appearance. Secondary lenses are an effective way to create uniform LED lighting and can be used in conjunction with light guide technology for even better results.

Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting can be used to create uniform LED lighting. By reflecting or refracting the light, it is possible to create an even distribution of light. Reflective surfaces, light pipes or light guides help achieve this.

Diffuser Placement

A diffuser placed between the LED and the observer helps disperse light more evenly. This results in a more uniform distribution of light. While this method may decrease light efficiency, it is often worth the tradeoff for increased uniformity. Diffusers are an effective way to create uniform LED lighting, especially combined with other methods.

Custom Light Guide

When LEDs take light and spread out evenly, they can create a uniform appearance. With the right design and technology, light guides increase the uniformity of the display while conserving the majority of LED efficiency.

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