Our Light Guide Manufacturing Processes: Crafting Brilliance with Precision

Posted by on Jan 18, 2024

The header image for this article showing a light guide production facility area.

Global Capabilities for Light Guide Manufacturing 

A custom light guide design solves your challenges; a partner laser-focused on light guide manufacturing goes beyond solutions to make the process smooth, cost effective and valuable. At Global Lighting Technologies, we’ve mastered the light guide manufacturing process through decades of learned efficiencies. 

Across five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Asia, as well as an additional facility under construction in Vietnam, our engineers leverage our proven manufacturing process to ensure each light guide assembly meets customers’ high standards. Read on to learn about our dialed-in manufacturing processes and the methods, machinery and meticulous customization that define our approach. 

Our Process and Timeline 

Before designs move into manufacturing, our team takes customers through the Discover, Design and Prototype phases. Our entire proven process centers around prioritizing what we do best: custom light guide assemblies. 

The GLT proven process outlined in a graphic. The stages are discover, design, prototype, and manufacture.

Once a light guide prototype receives approval, the journey from post-prototype to market is a meticulously orchestrated sequence. A full production design follows and we incorporate any customer-requested modifications post-prototype. Subsequently, production tooling and necessary assembly or test fixtures are developed to transition the product seamlessly into mass production. 

The process and timeline, illustrated below, serve as a guiding framework for each project’s progression: 

A chart of the GLT production development process.

While each project primarily adheres to this structured approach, we’re flexible. Additionally, we can accommodate project-specific nuances ensuring an adaptive and tailored manufacturing process for each customer. 

Primary Production Methods & Machinery 

Based on the production method that best suits a project, our engineers and team decide where light guide manufacturing will take place. Specifically, see our primary production methods and which facilities they’re housed in:   

  • Injection Molding: Zhongli, Shanghai and Suzhou facilities. Injection molding caters to a spectrum of project sizes. Suzhou, with its specialized capabilities, takes the lead for larger molded parts, while Shanghai focuses on smaller-sized components. 
  • Extrusion Embossing: Zhongshan and Tongluo facilities. Both specialize in extrusion embossing, a method ideal for large light guide panel manufacturing. This process facilitates high-volume production with minimal tooling costs to ensure efficiency and accuracy in optical pattern replication. 
  • Thin Film Embossing: The Zhongli facility takes the reins for thin film embossing. This method offers a consistent manufacturing approach with custom dies for extruding and cutting each project. 

Customization runs deep throughout our entire organization. For example, to best serve the unique needs of customers across various industries, some of our manufacturing equipment is custom-designed and manufactured for Global Lighting Technologies. Our embossing lines and automated assembly processes are also prime examples.  

Additionally, an added benefit of light guide manufacturing with custom equipment is a shorter timeline to production. Our engineers design custom light guides knowing the exact machines they’ll be produced using. Less guesswork leads to enhanced precision, efficiency and, ultimately, a better product for customers. 

Light Guide Manufacturing Facilities 

The regions where our five production facilities are located were strategically chosen with our customers in mind. A skilled workforce and rich manufacturing history make them prime locations for custom light guide manufacturing. Learn more about each of our five Asian production facilities here  

global lighting technologies facilities map 

Our US team communicates with the facilities throughout the entire design including each milestone in the manufacturing process. 

Expert Production, Impactful Results 

The light guide manufacturing process may seem daunting, but support from an experienced, efficient team makes it easier to execute. Throughout the lifecycle of your custom light guide project, our team will walk yours through each stage. Watch below for more insight into our global capabilities and patented technology’s applications. 

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